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Importance of Climate  


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Choose your ideal climate  
Mid-Atlantic Coast   moderate temperatures, some snow, humid summer
Midwest Great Lakes   harsh winter, hot summer, short Fall and Spring
Southern California Coast     warm, sunny, dry summers
California Bay Area   mild temperatures, cool summers, some fog
Pacific Northwest   moderate temperatures, drizzle, little snow
Gulf Coast   tropical, sunny, warm, humid
Deep South   warm, humid, little snow
Rocky Mountain   high altitude, harsh winter, cool summer
Wild West   dry, hot summer, mild winter
High Desert   desert, hot, very dry, mild winter
(Note: Choosing a climate will not limit your results to that paticular climate. The climate is only one of nine major categories. If you consider Miami's climate as perfect but are also looking for the lowest possible crime rates and great ski facilities, then our feature will attempt to balance all your preferences. In this example, it may choose a city like San Jose, California which has a warm climate, fairly low crime, but is close enough to the ski facilities of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.)
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