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Whitestone, NY - 11357 neighborhood details

Demographicszip 11357CountyNational
Pop. density14,409.021,713.279.6
Percent male47.6%48.4%49.1%
Percent female52.4%51.6%50.9%
Median age43.836.937.6
People per household2.52.62.6
Percent single39.3%52.5%41.6%
Median household income$64,304$54,657$41,994
Avg. income per capita$31,316$23,397$21,587
Crimezip 11357CountyNational
Violent crime risk index7.06.83.0
Property crime risk index6.05.43.2
Housingzip 11357CountyNational
Median home value$657,450$331,800$185,400
Median age of homes51.042.527.8
Home appreciation-12.2%14.3%12.3%
Percent owning home68.8%47.4%63.4%
Percent renting home27.5%47.4%21.7%
Percent homes vacant3.7%5.2%14.8%
Percent commuting by bus23.1%43.3%2.0%
Percent commuting by carpool11.8%10.6%14.6%
Percent commuting by auto59.9%36.3%71.6%
Percent working at home2.2%2.2%5.6%
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