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Our Recent Studies

Worst Cities for Respiratory Infections
A new analysis, which ranked the 50 worst cities for respiratory infections in the United States, was released today, naming Greenville, South Carolina as the top city for respiratory tract infections. » Read more

High Gas Prices
With gas prices continuing to rise, we have look at which cities are hit hardest. Long commutes are a major factor that places several southeast cities in the top ten. » Read more

Hurricane Hotspots
We have updated our study of hurricane hotspots to reflect the active season. » Read more.

Best Cities for Seniors
The Pacific Northwest and Pennsylvania do well in our look at nine categories that make up the best cities for seniors. » Read more.

More studies

Best Places to Live
The results are in for our annual study of the Best Places to Live. » Read more.

Healthiest Cities
California shines, Ohio aches in battle for healthiest cities. » Read more.

Best and Worst Cities for Sleep
Minnesota tops the list for slumber. New York might be the city that never sleeps, but it has some company from Detroit and a few other sleepless spots. » Read more

Most Challenging Cities to Navigate
Getting through a city should not be a problem, but many of America's metro areas are tough to navigate. We've ranked the most challenging cities and provided a few reasons that make some areas more difficult than others. » Read more

Fiscally Fit Cities Report
The report measures citizens in 50 metro areas on total Fiscal Fitness with Salt Lake City topping the list. » Read more.

Best and Worst Cities for Dating
College towns and other places with young populations top our dating list. Fewer places to hang out (ex: coffee shops), puts cities like Wichita low on the list. Find out where your city stands. » Read more

Best and Worst Cities for Crime
Three New Jersey cities make the top five safest cities, while Arizona's largest two metro areas are some of the worst for crime. Learn more about our methodology and see where every metro area in the U.S. ranks. » Read more

Most and Least Stressful Cities
When it comes to stress, Tacoma, WA, has the most, according to our study using the Sperling Stress Index. Albany, NY, scores for least stressful.Find out more, including the rankings for all 331 metro areas in the U.S. » Read more